Changing the City, One Heart at a Time

This morning I was able to attend a church planting meeting with a handful of other church planters from the Kansas City area.  We had the privilege of hearing Al Weiss who is the president of Disney World Theme parks and resorts.  He has started a church planting organization that is called Vision 360 (  He said, “I love my job, but my passion is Vision 360.”  He gave the statistic that 11% of those who would call themselves, “Evangelical” in Kansas City attend church regularly on Sunday.  He said that we are not only in a post-Christian culture, but we are also in a post-church culture.  His call to action was for us to share Christ, serve people and start churches to CHANGE THE CITY.

That is a big goal, especially if you have read the newspaper or watched the 10:00pm news lately.  This worthy objective will not be accomplished by herding the masses into an event.  It must be accomplished one person at a time.  You and I must set the pace for discipleship.  We are called to individually touch lives.  Before I share to much, I better save a little for Sunday morning J.

This week we are looking at Part 2 of “The Greatest Story Ever Told” from John 1:43-51.  As you read through this passage this weekend in preparation for Sunday, try to imagine the void that each disciple had in their individual lives and how the message of Jesus filled that void.

As the Holy Spirit brings it to mind, please take some time to pray for the services and for our church in general.  This week it was my privilege to see Latasha ask Jesus to come into her life.  This is, Lord-willing, just one of many lives that we are going to see changed through the message of the gospel.



John 1:40-42a “One of the two who heard John speak and followed Jesus was Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother. He first found his own brother Simon and said to him, “We have found the Messiah” (which means Christ). He brought him to Jesus.”


Not for Spectators (John 1)

I hope you are looking forward to being involved in church tomorrow.  I have mentioned this before, but this is not a time to be a spectator.  Church is a time to be mentally involved in the worship of God.  In order to prepare your mind, I suggest spending time in personal prayer before coming and asking God to give you an open mind and a soft heart to hear and apply the Word of God.

Over the past two weeks we have seen the following from John 1:

The introduction of Jesus (1) Logos to Jew and Greek

The description of Jesus (2-5) Eternal and Personal

The testimony of Jesus (6-8) John the Baptist, Works, Father, Holy Spirit

The significance of Jesus (9) True light

The rejection of Jesus (10-11) His own did not receive Him

The reception of Jesus (12-13) Those who receive are sons…

These first thirteen verses have built to the climax we are going to read now in verses 14-18…

1. Christ’s Incarnation—”The word became flesh”: John 1:14.

2. Christ’s Earthly sojourn—”And tabernacled among us:” John 1:14.

3. Christ’s Essential Glory—”As of the only Begotten:” John 1:14.

4. Christ’s Supreme excellency—”Preferred before:” John 1:15.

5. Christ’s Divine sufficiency—”His fullness:” John 1:16.

6. Christ’s Moral perfections—”Grace and truth:” John 1:17.

7. Christ’s Wondrous revelation—Made known “the Father:” John 1:18.

I hope to see you all tomorrow…