New Life Sunday — beyond a luncheon…

Earlier today, I attended the annual luncheon for the Downtown Council (

Kansas City is pretty awesome…for a part of the program there was a panel discussion about a downtown arts campus for UMKC.

That conversation was interesting for sure…but I was even more intrigued by the different personalities on the panel:

Mayor Sly James is hilarious…and now a follower of yours truly on twitter :).

Joseph Polisi is the President and CEO of Julliard…and very nice, gracious, etc from what I could tell, but not nearly as funny as our mayor…

The same can be said for Peter Witte who is the Dean of UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance…

While I was at Bartle Hall watching performances, listening to thought leaders and meeting new people…

Hundreds of thousands of people were  watching a tragedy unfold in Connecticut…

Right now, I am sick to my stomach thinking about children who are near the ages of our children who have been faced with some of the grossest realities of humanity.

I can’t even begin to list the questions that come to my mind…why? How could someone….?

But beyond all the questions is the sad, sad reality that many families will endure the Holidays without children, parents, siblings, nephews, nieces, aunts and uncles.

While I was in my own little world at the luncheon…there was something horrendous happening that I was oblivious to…

This is similar to what we studied from Daniel 10. In this chapter Daniel pulls back the curtain and gives us a glimpse into  a spiritual world beyond our dimension. There is spiritual battling going on as I write…While we go about preparing for Christmas, enjoying festivities and planning for our immediate future, there is spiritual activity beyond our line of sight.

With this in mind, this Sunday, we will look closely at the actual vision recorded in Daniel 11. The bottom line for us is that we “need the right presence in our lives.”

In the midst of tragedy or celebration or both, we can be confident in the presence of Jesus. Apart from Him, we are hopeless…

Merry Christmas!


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