New Life Sunday – Battery Acid

Yesterday, our evening was scheduled out to be pretty busy.  Sophie had a soccer game and I had a wedding rehearsal. I planned to head over to the second half of the game when I finished. I had several phone calls to make and then I got the text and call from Leigh-Ann that our van was dead.
Fortunately, she had made it to the game, but when she wanted to move the van to a better parking place, there was no power at all.
I quickly decided that I would continue on to the rehearsal and that I would drive over there as planned afterwards and could look at it then.
When the game was over, I opened the hood to look at the battery. I better mention that I was feeling a little embarrassed to be working on the van in front of a lot of people I don’t really know…ok, I feel better now.
I was hoping that maybe I had some battery acid build up and that I could clean off the terminals and then get power.
And I was absolutely right….I didn’t have the best tools on hand, but was able to improvise and within a few minutes the van fired right up.
It felt so good to lower the hood and hear the engine purring.
Isn’t it interesting to note how some simple buildup on a battery terminal can take all the power out of the van. There is a V-6 engine with probably about 200 horsepower under the hood and it was totally disabled by some battery acid.
As I consider our current sermon series on Ephesians I am reminded that often there are little things in our relationships that can shut down our whole system. Maybe its as simple as a difference in opinion or perspective…it could be a misunderstanding or miscommunication…there are so many possibilities.
This Sunday, we will study from Ephesians 4:17-32 and the big idea is that there is a better way to do relationships. If you need some quick answers for a relationship on life support, I suggest looking closely at Ephesians 4:32…be kind, tenderhearted and forgiving.
That should clean off more than enough battery acid to get your relationships up and going again.
I hope to see you Sunday!

Announcement: Don’t forget the youth cinnamon roll fundraiser breakfast this Sunday from 8-10am….these will be some of the best pancakes you have ever had, plus you will help send some teens to the “My City  Matters” missions trip in July.


New Life Sunday – Lunch date…

Today, I had a pretty awesome lunch date with Alexa. She initially asked me to take her on her field trip to Jefferson City for a tour of the Capital, etc., however the volunteer list filled up before I had a chance to respond (bummer…yeah, bummer…uh huh).
Call me crazy, but driving a car load of 5th grade girls was not on my bucket list.
So, I was able to negotiate a deal to take Alexa to lunch instead of the trip to Jeff City. Yep, that is what I call experienced fathering :).
We had an awesome time together and since then, I have thought about how I will NEVER regret spending time with my 11 year old daughter.
We talked about school, friends, plans for the summer, food and probably a lot of other stuff….and…I ENJOYED every second of it.
Unfortunately, it crossed my mind that in less than ten years there will be another guy at the table and it won’t be me!!!
He may be under the threat of death if he tries anything…but I will probably not be invited to that lunch date. So….whether I like it or not, our girls are going to grow up and I am going to lose my place as the number one man in their lives.
Relationships are never something that can be fully controlled by one person. They always take equal effort from all parties involved. In other words, a relationship is only as strong as the member with the least commitment.
This Sunday we will move into the final three practical chapters of Ephesians. Paul has a lot to say about relationships in these verses. In Chapter four, he talks about unity, diversity and leadership.
Unity is never attained by force or control, but rather humility, gentleness, patience, love and peace. Diversity is not a lifestyle to flaunt, but rather a God-given gift to respect. Leadership is empowered to serve and shepherd not demand and command.
Not only do these relationship principles work in a church, they also work in a family, at work and in our social settings.
I invite you to join in the study this Sunday, the worship and friends will be great as well.
See you then!

New Life Sunday – Untapped power

Today is the campout! Dallas has been talking about this since last October. To be real honest, I am pretty excited myself.
I am mostly excited because Dallas is excited and I can’t wait to spend time with him. As a dad, I love spending time with my kids and I love it when they are excited and full of hope.

I think God feels like this about us…
Keeping this in mind, the guys that went to Haiti a few weeks ago shared some pretty great stories about their missions trip. I was really impressed by the fact that the missionary is working on a pipeline that will extend for 45 miles.
They are digging a trench that is 15 feet deep and about that wide for 45 miles!

That is no small project…
When it is completed it will connect a spring that they have capped to a minimum of 10,000 people who currently do not have any source for running, clean water.
I have been told that the pipeline will deliver 100,000 gallons per minute to the people in need.
…talk about untapped potential.
To combine each of the above thoughts, we have a Father in Heaven who desires for us to be excited and full of hope and in order to accomplish this, He has power that extends far beyond the water that is capped in Haiti.
This Sunday we will pick up in Ephesians 3:8-21 with the picture of the church and the power that God has vested into the people in “His church” that literally can change the world.
Paul says that God can do “far more abundantly than all we ask or think.”
Talk about powerful….
Have a great day!!!

New Life Sunday…feeling awkward

Today my pants are about an inch too short. I was getting ready this morning and opted to go for a pair of jeans that has never quite fit me right.
They were almost calling my name from the bottom of the pile on my shelf. They are the right color, they fit well in the waist and are seldom worn.
Now I know why….
Any time I have walked outside of my office I have felt conspicuous. I am constantly pulling them down and then glancing to see if by chance they are touching the tops of my shoes.
If I was a bit younger and cooler, I could get away with the “two inch fold high-water on purpose look” ….well, I would need some large rimmed glasses and facial hair too.
Either way, I don’t have the glasses, beard or shoes so I am stuck walking around with pants that are too short.
Pants aren’t the only reason I feel conspicuous from time to time. I have a sweater that has a higher than normal neck…I also have some shirts that are a bit short in the sleeves…I have some shorts that were ok about 10 years ago, but now they are ….pause to laugh… just a little weird looking.
My point is that there are times when I feel out of place…and I don’t like that feeling.
When it comes to our spiritual journey, there may be times that we feel out of place as well. Maybe in church it seems like everyone but you is perfect, so you feel like you have “SINNER” written across your chest. Perhaps you just can’t find common ground in a conversation, so you wrack your brain trying to think of an excuse to get away and never return.
I wouldn’t be surprised if you share the same disgust that I have for feeling out of place.
This Sunday as we study from Ephesians 3:1-13, we will discover that Paul is fighting hard to show that NO ONE should feel out of place. Because of the Gospel (good news) of Jesus we are equally guilty and equally forgiven. Paul calls it a “mystery” which simply means that Jews and Gentiles who were enemies are now “one” in Christ.
There are a few other good points that I don’t want to waste in this email…so you should come on Sunday  :). I am pretty sure, I’ll be wearing some of my “favs” so I feel super comfortable after putting up with these pants all day today.
Have a great weekend!