New Life Sunday – Lessons from a derailleur…

Last night I helped a friend change a flat bike tire.
It took a lot longer than we expected because we couldn’t figure out how to put it back together.
Things were going very smoothly at first…we took off the tire, replaced the tube, inflated the tire and then we ran into trouble…the derailleur.
Before you start judging me, at least consider these circumstances:

  • It was dark
  • Changing a tire is a rare occasion
  • A derailleur is a nightmare…I would blame the French for this, but I can’t say that I’ve engineered anything better. 🙂

Finally we figured it out and felt kind of dumb afterwards because it really was a simple solution, it just seemed difficult. Truthfully, the answer was staring us in the face the entire time.
Life is this way sometimes.
We look at it from every different angle and only get more confused. We try to understand it and yet we still end up with more questions than answers.
This Sunday we will study from 1 John 2:3-11. In these verses, John makes his point that a lot of people can talk a “good game” but only some actually live it out.
Authentic Christianity is not a hard as it may seem…in fact sometimes the answers are right in front of us.
I hope you have a great weekend and I can’t wait to worship together on Sunday.


New Life Sunday…storm clouds and sin

Last night I was at soccer practice with the girls while the storm clouds started to roll in.

They were ominous!

I am no weather man, but I could tell with certainty that we were going to get soaked. And from what I have heard we ended up with about 3 inches of rain last night.

Fortunately the coaches could see the impending danger and we ended practice early so everyone could get to their vehicles before the downpour actually hit.

And then it hit….while we were driving home.

The girls were kind of excited and a little worried all at the same time.

They asked questions like, “How can you see?” How can you drive in this? Aren’t you glad we don’t have any holes in the roof of our car?

We had some fun talking about how glad we were to be in a car and not on a motorcycle…or walking…or waiting under a bridge.

There is something that is always true about storms…whether it is a thunderstorm in Kansas City, a Typhoon in Asia or a Hurricane in Florida…

You can’t stop a storm!

You can learn how to deal with a storm, but you can’t stop it.

A storm is not all that is inevitable in our lives. This Sunday I am going to talk about something else that is inevitable…


The Big idea is, “sin is a reality, so deal with it.” We will study from 1 John 2:1-2 in our series called, “Walk in the light, live in love.”

Just like a storm, we can’t stop sin but we can learn how to deal with it.

See you soon!


New Life Sunday – Soccer and sanctification…

This fall I have started to coach soccer for Sophie’s team. After sitting on the sidelines for a few years, I figured that I might as well pitch in and offer to help.
Coaching  nine and ten year old girls is not the most glamorous opportunity. It is always a challenge to keep their attention and inspire them to work hard, but so far it’s been a really good experience.
I have found that if I want the girls to follow my instruction, I need to be really clear.
If I say line up, typically there will be 6 or 7 girls standing in random places waiting for everyone else to get behind them.
If I tell them to take a water break some of them will sit down, stretch out, start looking through their back pack and begin engaging in a story about their day at school. A few others will run over, grab a drink and be back in a matter of seconds.
One thing I have learned from coaching and parenting (and really any part of life that entails leadership) is to be VERY CLEAR in setting expectations.
For instance, now when I ask the girls to line up, I have already set down a cone and will stand in front of the cone and ask them to line up behind the cone and then I will motion with my arms the direction that I intend the line to go.
If I give them a water break, I will tell them that they have thirty seconds to get some water and then tell them where to go as soon as they are finished with the water.
The Apostle John provides a model for keeping instructions very clear. This week we will study from 1 John 1:5-10. In these verses John communicates how important it is for us to be REALLY CLEAR about God, sin and the difference between our role and God’s role.
Whether it’s soccer or our spiritual walk, one key factor is that we must receive clear instruction or we will be confused. I hope you can attend this Sunday to be a part of the worship and fellowship. Sarah Evans will be sharing about her passion to go to China as a career missionary and I will be sharing a sermon from 1 John with some clear instructions for life.
I hope to see you soon!
Announcement: This Sunday night, Dale and Jerusha Losch will host a “Parents Time Out” from6:00-7:30pm at New Life. Anyone is welcome and childcare will be provided.

New Life Sunday – Season opener

This weekend is one of the biggest weekends of the year in America…
The NFL Season opener.
If you are a Broncos fan you are feeling great…a Ravens fan, not so much. If you are a fan of any other team in the NFL you are full of hope for a win in week one.
By late Monday night exactly half of the NFL teams and their fans will be encouraged and the other half will be disappointed.
Whether it is a football season, a job, a relationship or even a fun competition, it is always important that you find a way to start strong.
This Sunday, I will begin a series that will take us through the book of 1 John. Just like I would like to see the Vikings and the Chiefs start strong in their season (it’s nice to be from a different state, because now I have two chances for a good season) I would also like for us to get a good start to our series for the fall.
One thing I have observed is that the teams that start strong typically prepare well. They are better than average in their training, organization and pre-game planning. I think this can be true in our spiritual walk.
As we look ahead to the fall of 2013, New Life church cannot train and plan for you. You must take ownership for your own spiritual growth.
As a church, we want to encourage, teach and provide opportunities for you…but you must take responsibility for your own life. One of the ways we can help is to provide a Sunday morning experience that inspires you to know and follow Jesus.
This Sunday I am very excited to dig deep into the writings of John. From the beginning, John makes his point simple and yet profound:
Life begins with Jesus!
I encourage you to read through the book of 1 John and then come a few minutes early this Sunday so you are ready for worship.
Have a great weekend cheering on your favorite team…after church :)!