This week has been packed with work, planning, organizing and packing for the move over to 1717 McGee.

Our new space is going to be INCREDIBLE!!!

But we are not quite there yet…we are in process.

Process can be painful.

Process means we are not settled…life is unpredictable…surprises are inevitable…and peace is not always accessible.

Ultimately, its just stuff…we are in a season and settling is just around the corner.

So while we are in process, I suggest that we embrace and enjoy our time. There will be time when we look back on these full days with a sort of longing for the raw excitement.

Similar to kids…when you are raising children life is full of surprises. There are days where it is constant activity from 6:30am-9:30pm with hardly a moment to rest in between. Leigh-Ann and I keep reminding each other that we must savor the time. Enjoy the chaos. Welcome the time in between.

Earlier I was going through my desk in preparation for our move tomorrow and came across a note from Alexa that says, “Dad, we love you! Thank-you for being the best dad ever! Love, The best kids in the world.


Several times today, I have looked at that note and been reminded of what matters most in life.

This Sunday, our service will be held at our new neighbors location, the Monarch Room event space ( We will have a nursery and childcare up through age five in the classrooms that have passed occupancy in our new location at 1717 McGee.

There is ample street parking available on each side of McGee street, in addition to a 40 space parking lot located at 1719 Oak Street.

Due to Daylight Savings time springing ahead, we are cancelling our 9:30am kids, youth and adult classes. We hope you will use the extra time to get to church a few minutes early and be situated in time for worship at 10:45am.

I am looking forward to hearing Pastor Dave preach a sermon from Romans 4:9-17. It’s going to be a great weekend, I sure hope you can be a part of the action.


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