Grace Effect

This afternoon, the HVAC guys cut a hole into the roof outside my office. It sounded like the building was going to collapse…fortunately it didn’t.

They had warned me ahead of time but as soon as they connected their cuts, the middle boards and roof began their fast eighteen foot descent.

There were two times they cut and the part of the roof they cut out came crashing down. And each time, I was thankful I was in my office and not a few feet away in the hallway.

An amazing thing happened at the moment the hole was cut…the hallway became much brighter. In fact it kind of made me want to get a skylight. Not as much as I want air conditioning though :).

Roof hole

Opening the roof between a dark hallway and the bright sunlight creates an incredible effect. Much brighter to say the least.

This Sunday, I am going to be talking about a different effect with noticeable features. I will be sharing a sermon from Romans 6:1-4 about the “Grace Effect.”

The grace effect is a way to describe the benefits that we receive when we begin a relationship with Jesus. These benefits include the truth that we are baptized into Jesus, we are united with Jesus, we are presented to God and we are enslaved to righteousness.

So much to talk about, so little time…this Sunday we will focus on what it means to be baptized into Christ.

In addition, this Sunday, our new worship leader, Jordan Marcotte will officially begin. If you would like to hear more of him you can listen to some pretty great music here:

Finally, I wish you a very safe and blessed 4th of July. God Bless America!


Announcement: My City Matters starts this Sunday. If you would like to donate to support a teen serving on our missions trip to Kansas City, you can give online here:


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