Reflections on life…

Death stings.

The stinging is fresh…a few days ago my Uncle Dave suffered a severe stroke and on Wednesday, he passed away.

My heart goes out to my Aunt Layna (could be a saint) who has lost her soul mate, my cousins who lost their dad and so many others who lost an incredible friend and role model.

Uncle Dave loved to laugh, tell corny jokes, play anything with a ball and ride anything with wheels. He loved to hunt, preach and watch the Packers, Bucks and Brewers.

Uncle Dave could make anyone feel welcomed and comfortable, drain 3-pointers on the Basketball court and preach tirelessly.

Uncle Dave loved God and people dearly.

His passing is painful for sure, but it also provides an opportunity to reflect.

Reflection heals.

Henri Nouwen wrote that life is a preparation for death as a final act of giving.

Uncle Dave spent his life giving…he gave his time and resources to his family and friends. Even in his death, he donated  his organs so that others could experience life.

This Sunday, Pastor Dave Robinson will be sharing a sermon from Luke 2 entitled, “Jesus the glory of Christmas.” This time of year is a celebration of the coming of Jesus into our world so that he could give His life. Interestingly enough, it was only after Jesus had left His disciples that they began to understand what He truly meant to them.

As I reflect on the life and now death of Uncle Dave, I am reminded of Jesus…and that’s about as good as it gets.

Thanks for joining my reflection of Uncle Dave and please consider joining our reflection of Jesus this Sunday at 10:45am which will include a Children’s Christmas Celebration from around the world.

Merry Christmas!

You are warmly invited to “An Acoustic Christmas” at New Life this Wednesday, December 23 from 6:30-7:30pm.


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