On stage…

Alexa, Sophia and I had a pretty cool experience this past Sunday evening. A good friend invited us to attend Winter Jam with him and when the girls found out that Matthew West was performing, they were pumped. When they found out that we might be able to meet him, they were beaming.

When we arrived at the Sprint Center there were people everywhere…thousands of them…

lines at winter jam

We made our way to the back side and found a flag that said Guests…and waited.

After several minutes, Pastor Joe West walked out the door and escorted us past all the people in line to a floor level seat.

After a while, he came by to bring us back stage to meet his son, Matthew. He was as kind and gracious as you could imagine.

After chatting for a bit, Pastor West asked Sophia if she would like to go on stage…oh yeah!

Then we waited…

Finally, during his song, “Child of the One True King”, Matthew West brought Sophia and another boy on stage along with Dayton Moore, General Manager for the Kansas City Royals in front of thousands of people to jump and sing.

Matthew West and Sophia

As I reflect on that experience, I am reminded that Sophia did nothing to deserve that opportunity. She showed no special skills….though she did jump pretty nice when she got up there :). She can sing nicely, but she wasn’t chosen because of that…nor was she chosen because she paid a lot of money for the opportunity (we actually got in free :)).

She was given access to the stage and the microphone to speak through a person and not a performance.

The same is true with God…we are promised grace to overcome opposition, justice to overcome condemnation and love to each beyond any separation…through the person of Jesus.

If you have experienced some trials or are in the midst of tough times, then our study from Romans 8:31-39 is going to be just was the Doctor ordered. I hope you can join us at 10:45am for a time of worship and study as well as some encouraging relationships.

I can’t promise you that Matthew West will show up….but I am confident you will experiences Someone even better. Have a great weekend,



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