“God made me…”

Boys at park

Earlier, I got to take the boys to the park for a few minutes to burn off some energy. When given a choice they like to go to the park by ‘fort’…It’s actually the one by ‘family court’ but they have shortened it to ‘fort’.

They played on the swings, went down the slides, climbed on the ropes and tried their best to outrun me…which didn’t happen of course and then I was tired out and it was time to leave.

On the way back to the van there is a stone wall that is probably 150 feet long and the boys love to run along the top of it. I was staying by Ian who is three while he climbed and ran on top of the wall. Just as we got back to the van I asked him, “how did you get to be so brave?

Without skipping a beat, he replied, “because God made me.”

I know it sounds like a powerful statement of faith from a three year old, but I am still a bit skeptical…as soon as we got home and it was time for a nap, he started crying and throwing a fit…not sure where the “because God made me” was then, but at least for a moment, I enjoyed the fact that he is catching on to something about who made him and sustains him.

This Sunday our topic will be along the lines of “because God made me.” We will continue our study through Romans and will look mostly at Romans 9:6-18. In theses verses Paul makes the point that God is sovereign. He is in complete control…and that’s a good thing….a really good thing.

Not only does our faith in the sovereignty of God make us brave for balancing on top of stone walls, it also gives us confidence for our faith.

I am very excited for one of our elders, James Cottier to bring the sermon. Prior to that we will have a time of worship with Jordan Marcotte and crew and our community in context will be a panel discussion on Black History Month and why it applies to our church community.

I sure hope to see you at 10:45am on Sunday,



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