On set…

When I was in college our football team went on a missions trip to Ireland to play American football and share our faith. On the way there we spent two days in London.
London was a blast…and we raced all over the city.
While touring, we heard a movie entitled, “Notting Hill” starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant was being filmed. After a burger at McDonalds, we walked over to check out the set.  
After watching for a few minutes, we realized that after filming a car chase scene, the car drove off set and down an alley to turn around and get back on set.

Several of us fanned out and when the car carrying Hugh Grant, Emma Chambers and Hugh Bonneville turned to drive down the alley, we walked slowly in front of it and then converged for a photo and request for autographs.

They turned us down on the autographs, but we did get a photo as proof :).

It is difficult for me to communicate how excited we were about the whole opportunity. We could not wait to tell the rest of our teammates and coaches what we had experienced.. 

We met Hugh Grant on a movie set and had pictures to prove it.

And since we had joked the night before about meeting Margaret Thatcher, we needed to prove it…so we ended up going to a one hour photo developer in London….this was in the late 90’s before digital photography.


I share this story with you to illustrate that when we have a good story and we want to share it….we share it.

This Sunday, I am excited to share a sermon from Romans 10:14-15 entitled, “Good News worth sharing.”

The incredible truth is that while we were super excited about our “movie set” experience and willing to share it with anyone, it is a rare occasion that I get as excited about sharing my faith.

This Sunday I look forward to a candid discussion about sharing the Gospel. I really hope you can attend.

See you soon,



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