Extraordinary Relationships…

The word extraordinary means unusually great or remarkable.

Extraordinary is used to describe people, brands, accomplishments, food and many other things.

When I think of extraordinary accomplishments, I think of the invention of the printing press, athletes who scale Mount Everest, entrepreneurs who build powerful companies and families that are healthy.

When I think of extraordinary people, I think of multiple characters in the Bible such as Moses, Abraham, David, Esther and Paul. I would certainly include Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Theresa, Billy Graham and Bill Bright to name a few.

I also think of inner city teachers and pastors who work tirelessly. I think of coaches and parents and humble volunteers.

When it comes to extraordinary food, Chipotle immediately comes to mind….AMEN? Simply saying that brand puts a smile on my face :).
To be honest, I must say that most of the meals we enjoy around our family dinner table are truly extraordinary. The food is always good…but I really love the peeps :).

This Sunday we begin a seven week sermon series from Romans 12-13 on the topic of relationships. I am excited to teach from Romans 12:14-16 about extraordinary relationships. The truth is that as Christians our relationships should be extraordinary…and Paul has some great things to help us in that pursuit.

I sure hope to see you Sunday,



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