Yesterday, we went sledding. The kids had been excitedly waiting all day. In fact, they started preparations for sledding at least a few hours before I told them I could be home.

After spending the better part of the afternoon in anticipation we started the final round of layers…snow pants, coats, hats, scarves, and mittens.

Finally, after everyone was thoroughly bundled up and the sleds were packed into the van, we took off for the hill.

All six kids (I included myself in that number :)) had a blast.


The kids went alone…together…and even in a five-person train. I stayed at the bottom of the hill most of the time to make sure they didn’t slide into the road and get hurt…safety first :).

There were a few times the older girls traded with me so I could go down the hill.

I remember the first time, trying to get myself on to a small little saucer and then letting go down the hill and picking up speed and feeling every.single.bump…I wondered if this was the smartest decision for a 40-year-old man.

Well, in spite of my fears, there were no injuries and only a lot of fun and some great memories.

There are times when life is like a trip down the sledding hill. We take off on an adventure and then we begin to think of all that could go wrong…and we become fearful and anxious. This Sunday, Pastor Gabor Grész from Budapest, Hungary will bring the sermon from Mark 4:35-41, entitled, “On the other side of your fears.”

I am confident that God will use this sermon in each of our lives. I sure hope to see you on Sunday.


Announcement: This past Sunday, January 1st, I shared a sermon from Psalm 90. I challenged our church to “Make every day count” by committing to reading the Bible every day in 2017. We have posted a personal Bible Study guide on our website as a resource to help you in that pursuit.


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