Simple Driving…

Last night, I voluntarily put my life on the line and took our oldest daughter out driving for the second time.

Lexi Driving

Let’s just say, she is steadily improving, but letting her out on the open road could be hazardous to one’s health :).

Last night, she backed out of the garage…ever so s l o w l y and proceeded down the alley to the street. After one lesson, her turns were much improved. She is learning to stop without the threat of whiplash and can now stay in her lane for the most part.

A few blocks away from our house, as she approached an intersection there was a woman in the middle of the street holding up her hand for us to stop.

So we did….phew…it just so happened that a tree (possibly struck by lightning) had fallen in the middle of the street taking an electrical line with it. The woman was protecting us from something dangerous…so we backed up and eventually, I swapped places to help navigate around the impending danger.

We detoured through a few streets and after a bit more practice driving made it home and into the garage safely.

There is no doubt my blood pressure was higher when we returned than when we started, however, she did great driving.

Imagine what would have happened if we had approached the downed power line and Alexa had ignored the warning and kept driving. Or even worse, if she laughed at my instruction, stepped on the gas and blasted into the danger zone?

This Sunday, we begin a new sermon series from the book of Proverbs entitled, “Wisdom for everyday life” and we will look specifically at four personality profiles: simple, fool, scoffer and wise.

To relate this to my story, since Alexa is learning to drive she is automatically in the ‘simple’ category…she lacks experience. But if she had ignored the warning about the downed power line she would have moved into the ‘fool’ category…and furthermore, if she had laughed at my instruction as she sped into the power line she would have moved into the ‘scorner’ category.

Good thing she listened and is moving toward the ‘wise’ category. And since she is becoming wise, we are alive to tell about it. I look forward to much more from Proverbs on Sunday.

I hope to see you then,



Story of the Soul

Over the past several month’s much work has been invested into Story of the Soul. This Sunday, when you arrive at New Life, things will be a bit different.

We will have the chairs in the auditorium set up in groups of 5-6. There will be pastries and even more coffee than usual. It will feel a bit like an oversized coffee shop.
SOTS Crowd Wide Shot
During our actual service time there will be two movie clips and one poem presented. A presenter will introduce some context for each piece and then afterward introduce a short discussion.

At the end of our service, Pastor Dave (who began this outreach overseas more than twenty years ago) will close out our time by turning to the Bible for answers.

Many people have worked very hard to provide an environment where non-churched people will feel comfortable and safe to explore Christianity.

We really hope and pray that you will be able to attend tomorrow at 10:45 am.

See you at 10:45 am,