Inside out…

This past week I was driving our two oldest boys, ages five and six along with their friend who is also six to soccer practice. They were watching, “Inside Out” and their conversation was priceless.


The movie follows a young girl from Minnesota  that takes you on a journey from the Inside Out to discover the emotional roller coaster inside her head. There are several emotions such as: joy, anger, fear, disgust and sadness.

While they were watching it, Isaiah asked the boys, “Who do you want to be?”

Their little friend said, “Sadness, because sometimes when I’m sad I cry and sometimes when I cry my mom and dad give me candy.”

Inside Out - sadness

I almost laughed out loud….

Very quickly Dallas replied, “That would never happen to me.”

Well said son…

This Sunday we won’t be watching “Inside Out”, but we will be talking about emotions. We will study from Romans 9:1-5 where we learn that the Apostle Paul was filled with great sorrow over the status of his fellow Jews.

There is no doubt you have experienced joy, anger, fear, disgust and sadness many times over this week. I can’t promise you any candy, but I can promise you some hope to help you on your journey of life.




Making it count…


Last night our oldest daughter Alexa was given a soccer opportunity that she has been working toward for a long time.

She was asked to play up with a team in a higher division.

For the past two seasons she has been on the bubble and never quite able to get the nod from her coach to play up.

She was excited and nervous all at the same time.

Now, getting the opportunity and rocking the opportunity are two different things.

Last night, Alexa rocked her opportunity.

She started the game and was not subbed once for the entire game. By halftime several parents started to come up to me and ask why she hasn’t been playing with the team all year. All I could do was smile and agree that she was having a great game.

Before the game we prayed that she would shine, stand out, contribute, make a difference and of course stay humble (like her parents :)) and give God the credit.

After the game, her coach held her back and told her that she had played great and as a result had earned more opportunities to play up in the future.

The entire ride home was so much fun…we replayed all the great plays and everything that the parents and coaches were saying about her performance.

Imagine if she had not made the most of her opportunity. What if she had allowed fear to get the most of her? Or if she simply didn’t try hard because she didn’t want to fail…

I wouldn’t be writing my email about her, the ride home would have been much different and today would be full of regret.

However, today is full of celebration because Alexa invested her resources and made the most of her opportunity.

This Sunday we are completing the series, “Life Management.” I will share a sermon from Matthew 25:14-30 about investing our resources…making the most of our opportunities. It is my prayer that each of us “leave it all out on the field.” A life without regret is the life that God intends…and you can experience the fulfillment that comes from investing your God-given gifts the way God intended.