The Jeep Wave

This morning I was in the waiting room of a hospital to have prayer with someone going into surgery. While sitting there, I read the news on my phone and then decided to catch up on some Bible reading (trying to earn my next You Version badge :).

While minding my own business, I couldn’t help but hear the conversation of a family of about eight people in the waiting room.

They were talking about their vehicles and the problems they were having: getting towed, electrical issues, etc.

Then they started talking about a “Jeep Wave.”


I must admit, I was lost…There was a young couple sitting together and the female was telling the family about her experience driving the Jeep for the first time. She knew she was supposed to wave at other Jeeps. She went into detail about how she anticipated the first “wave” and unfortunately on her first opportunity she didn’t get a wave back.

No surprise, she was disappointed…Jeep drivers are supposed to wave…duh.

At this point, I decided to Google “Jeep Wave” for some enlightenment. The urban dictionary defines it this way, ” When two jeep wranglers pass each other on opposite sides of the road, the drivers wave to each other in a polite fashion, in the event that your hands are frozen to the wheel a head nod is acceptable.”

I think I want to buy a Jeep…it seems so much more exciting than a Ford 500 or a Dodge Minivan :: Four wheel drive, tough, open air and now….A JEEP WAVE!


As I consider the implications of a Jeep Wave, I realize that the wave is universally expected among Jeep drivers.

There is a comparison here for Christ followers. We may not have a wave, but we do have a universal expectation…sacrificial service.

Just like Jeep owners are expected to wave, Christ followers are expected to serve.

This Sunday, we finish out our three week “What if the Church” series and I will bring a sermon from Mark 8:27-34. The big idea is, Mission-It’s a God Thing.”

When Jeep drivers fail to wave…there is a feeling of emptiness…and when Christians fail to serve there is also an emptiness.

I hope you will be challenged to live on mission on purpose, its what Christians do.


Taking time to remember…

Last week, our family packed into the van and drove to St. Cloud, MN to surprise my mom for her 70th birthday. The kids were so excited. Unlike their dad who packed five minutes before we left, the girls started writing out their plan for the trip a week in advance. They wrote out everything they were going to pack in their suitcase and everything they were going to do in the van on the long trip. They included every detail and if it wouldn’t embarrass them, I would attach a picture of their list… :).

Everything worked out great. The van purred like a kitten and we arrived at the exact time to make the surprise entrance. We walked in at the end of their church service. I took a video while the kids and Leigh-Ann walked in behind my mom and surprised her with a birthday cake delivery.

Mom was in tears…happy tears.

The next day we were able to continue our long held Campbell tradition of surprising my grandmother. This began in Eagle Grove, IA when I was barely able to walk. My older siblings and I would sneak in through the basement and do our best to surprise Grandma. Last week was like deja vu…we sneaked into her living room while she was in the bedroom and when she came out yelled, “SURPRISE!”

Imagine being in your nineties, waking up from a nap and having fourteen people yelling surprise from your living room. Fortunately, Grandmas heart is still healthy enough to take all the excitement.

The drive back home brought back so many memories…great times as a kid riding bikes, go-karts, skateboards and scooters. Playing every sport imaginable. Sledding off of the garage roof. Paper routes, lawns mowed and driveways shoveled. Family cookouts and game nights.

Throughout the Scriptures, God planned for multiple memorials for His children. Israel was commanded to stop, take time and remember all that God had done. Later on, the Apostle Paul would often think of memories he had with new Christ followers. In Philippians, 1:3 he told those living in Philippi, “I thank God every time I remember you.”

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend. A time set apart for us to remember those who have fought for our great nation. I hope you will set aside some time to remember those who have gone before to give us freedom as a country. Those in the Bible who we consider our spiritual fathers. And if you are fortunate enough to have parents, grandparents and even great grandparents still alive, take some time to remember them as well.

You are always welcome to join us for the service on Sunday at 10:45am. I hope you have a great weekend!


Great Grandma Surprise
Great Grandma Surprise

What if the Church?

New Life CityChurch has been a part of : two years. This movement is designed to bring area churches together for the purpose of building their relationships with one another as well as the greater Kansas city community.

There are two parts to What if the Church?. The first is a three week message series. The 33 participating churches are divided into groups of three called triads. the teaching pastors of each church rotate over the series to teach at each other’s churches. This year New Life CityChurch is grouped again with Covenant Chapel and Mt. Pisgah Missionary Baptist church.

The second part of What If The Church? is called Serve Day. The people of the participating churches will come together and spend the morning of June 6, to serve at hundreds of community projects around the city. Our triad will serve at the Hope Center: There will be multiple different projects in which you can participate…so whether you are skilled at a trade or are afraid of a hammer, there will be plenty to do.

This Sunday, one of the pastors in our group had a death in the family so Pastor Dave, from New Life is filling in to preach a sermon entitled: The Gospel Lifestyle :: What do SEX, HUMOR, SUFFERING and SELF-ESTEEM have to do with the Gospel?

It’s going to be a great start to a great opportunity to serve Jesus by serving the needs in our city.

I hope you can attend,


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Take care…

Recently, Alexa had a soccer tournament in Topeka and during some down time we went over to Gage park. It is such an awesome park with so much activity. I am at a loss to describe the scene…but for the sake of this email, I will give it a try.

The park is 160 acres of green grass, shady trees, sprawling plants and shrubs, singing birds, running animals and happy kids.

Swings, slides, teeter totters, monkey bars, climbing walls and merry go rounds produce a healing dose of laughter, smiles and  memories.

Parks provide an incredible amenity for people of all ages…but they need caretakers.

Imagine what a park would look like if there was no plan to maintain it…within a short time, I can imagine the grass and shrubs overgrown by weeds, the buildings digressing…it wouldn’t take long and the beauty would turn into something desperate for care.

Fortunately while we were at Gage park, behind the sounds of happy children I could hear the whirring of lawnmowers. In the distance there were caretakers providing water and fertilizer. There were maintenance workers doing their best to make sure the buildings and grounds were kept in top notch shape.

This may sound strange, but the park actually seems like a parable for motherhood.

Mothers provide an incredible environment for growth and beauty. Because of mothers people of all ages are free to laugh and play and dream. Mothers have a way of making us appreciate our many blessings and live life to the fullest.

But mothers need caretakers too…

As we prepare for this weekend, remember that the mothers in our lives need more than an annual card and gift. They need regular care…and when that happens they will provide an environment for love, laughter and growth that is second to none.

I am so thankful for my mother and also the mother of our kids :)…I have been incredibly blessed. I look forward to stepping up my game when it comes to care taking.


Imperfect and loving it…

Over the past few days I have felt plenty of love in our family. This love was mostly felt when imperfections were overwhelmingly present. Imperfections such as:

  • Dog presents
  • Smelly shin guards
  • Oversized cowboy boots
  • Shooting pineapple chunks
  • Splinters
  • Dirty, sweaty, smiling kids

Here is some context…

A few days ago, I was running behind and so Leigh-Ann packed some clothes and shoes so I could meet them at a soccer game. I put my shoes in the bag and then noticed that the bag smelled pretty bad. I had mowed the lawn the day before and had stepped on a “dog mine” if you know what I mean. If we had only been dating, I’m sure it would have grossed her out, but after nearly 16 years of marriage and more kids and pets than I can count…a little dog present didn’t even make our evening conversation. And that is one reason I love our family.

I give the kids a hard time about this, but when we are driving home from a game or practice and they take off their shin guards or cleats…you had better watch out. The odor can be enough to wilt flowers. And that is another reason I love our family, we can be oursmellves (just made that up :)).

Our youngest has discovered cowboy boots. They are still way to big. He looks ridiculous as he clops and trips around in them. And that is another reason I love our family, he doesn’t have to look perfect to be appreciated.

Last night, I stopped by Sonic with the girls for half price shakes after soccer practice. As I was sucking down my pineapple shake, a chunk of pineapple torpedoed through my straw to the back of my throat causing me to choke and cough. I would have been embarrassed if I was with certain people, but since it was my kids we all just laughed and laughed.

This morning, Isaiah came into our room with a splinter in his foot. Leigh-Ann carefully and lovingly pulled it out. She has a unique gift as a mother and watching her in action makes me love her and my family more all the time.

On Wednesday, I was able to take Dallas on a field trip. It was fun just to meet his friends and to see him in action. He is quite the socialite. What I love about Kindergartners is that they have no inhibitions. They run, sweat, jump and get dirty and think nothing of it. Family is similar, even if we are dirty or sweaty it doesn’t make a difference, we love each other no matter how we look or smell or sound :).

This Sunday, I am very excited to share a sermon about feeling loved from Romans 5:5. Paul writes that “God’s love is poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit.” I love the word picture of  God’s love being poured into our hearts.

I look forward to sharing that in spite of our many imperfections and flaws, God has an infinite supply of love that can be poured directly into our heart…and we can even go back for seconds.

And speaking of pouring, this Sunday we will have some specialty coffee from the Roasterie. So come on ready to get filled up with love and coffee.

See you soon,

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