New Life CityChurch–WOW, what a day!!!

As we look forward to Easter Sunday, I want to take a moment to look back with gratitude on an incredible Palm Sunday. Nearly two thousand years ago, in another country, I imagine people were sitting down at night after an exciting day…

Multitudes of people lined the streets heading into Jerusalem throwing down palm branches and clothes shouting “Hosanna to the King of the Jews!”

The next day the large crowd that had come to the feast heard that Jesus was coming to Jerusalem. So they took branches of palm trees and went out to meet him, crying out, “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, even the   King of Israel!”” (John 12:12–13, ESV)

Normal people were full of hope…the long awaited King of the Jews was in town.

This morning at New Life CityChurch, we didn’t have any palm branches…(that is so first century :)), but we were bursting with hope!

The reason for our hope hasn’t changed…Jesus!

This morning was an incredible morning and we need to celebrate all that God is doing. A huge thanks to Dave and Karen Robinson for their leadership along with so many others who invested so much to make this day phenomenal.

Here are some of the comments Pastor Dave shared with the team and thought you would also be excited to hear them:

I  read all the comment cards, praying as I went along.  Praise God – there was not one negative comment.  There were too many comments to write down but here are some of them:

  • “This is a great way to engage post-modern culture and worldview – provided good tools to engage others!”
  • “I enjoyed the concept a lot!  I could see it really being a regular, enjoyable outlet for the non-believer.”
  • “A great way to share the gospel.”
  •  “A beautiful way to unfold the cry of the human heart, then bring the truth of Jesus’ love as our only hope!”
  •  “The most innovative way to present the hope of Jesus Christ!  Thank you all!  Everyone did a wonderful job of presenting. Praise God!”
  • “Thank you!  For too long the Church has been polarized from the arts.  This was the most reconciliatory thing I have ever participated in!  This is our 3rd visit, and we were amazed and blessed!  BRAVEST. SERVICE. EVER!”
  • “I loved that we were in discussion with others. A very fresh way to explore our faith.  I also love using the arts in the church! So many churches try so hard to cut out anything that is not ‘Church’!”
  • “I heard great things from my table mates!  It was a great time of sharing – one man at my table regretted not being a better son before his mom died.  Now his hope is in God, and Scripture.”
  •  “I thought the story of the soul was amazing. It helped many to rethink where they want to go in their faith.”
  • “It was super cool.  Awesome. Amazing!”
  • “I am a Christian artist, but still finding my path in that.  Thank you for today!”
  • “It opened my eyes and showed me why I’m here and that I can make a difference!”
  • “Great!  Very thought provoking and a reminder of everyone’s need for Christ.  I would definitely do this again!  Thank you for pointing it back to Christ as our only hope!”
  • “It was a great way to be reminded of the needs around me and in my own life in a non-threatening way in an engaging environment.”
  • “It was good to have this chance for meaningful fellowship.”
  • “Awesome.  It’s important to bring reality to people – we can’t biblically exist only in our Christian bubble.  We are given the great commission to reach out to the world!!!”
  • “I was proud to have a friend here!”
  • “What a great way to build community and minister to others.”
  • “It was wonderful! I learned so much and enjoyed talking with others.”
  • “I enjoyed the deep conversation with friends. It allowed me to connect with them on a different level.”
  • “Very inspiring! Wonderful presentation – want to come again.”
  • “…it really made me think!”
  • “This was very uplifting.  It allowed me to open up to my group which is extremely hard for me to do.”
  • “The stories were eye opening!”
  • “Loved it.  So creative and powerful.  I look forward to the next time.”
  • “Powerful! Stirred up feelings! … exceeded my expectations!”
  • “…allowed the audience to be interactive and it kept me intrigued!”
  • “…thought provoking; very meaningful!”
  • “Inspiring, deep. It made me think and realize that I want to change some things in my life. I am very happy I attended.”
  • “Very honest, open!  It was put together very well.”
  • “Excellent! The best service at New Life. But not enough talk time.”
  • “Good to do something like this for small groups.”
  • “Thank you for your expression of ministry together! I am only a pixel in the body of Christ but my work soul – work and play is compatible with your ministry and SOTS.  You all are wellness-weavers!  How can we best serve together?”
  • Short comments like this were made, too: “Excellent.  Awesome.  Loved it!  FANTASTIC! Lovely. Moving.  Great change of pace. Touched my soul. Very cool and outside the box! A great experience. Stirred my soul.”

On this note…our work is not completed. There are many more that need to hear this same message of hope that only comes through Jesus. Please invite friends and family to join us for Easter Sunday.

Have a great week!

story of the soul 3

story of the soul 2

story of the soul


Hope again…

This Sunday is going to be a great day…for many reasons:

  • It’s Sunday-duh 🙂
  • We are studying from the life of Abraham
  • The point of the passage is that Abraham expressed incredible, optimistic, faith-drenched hope that defied logic.

At age 75, the time when most people are retiring and settling down for a predictable (borderline boring) life, Abraham packed up his family to live in a tent, to move to an unfamiliar territory and prepare to start a family.

Yep, age 75…

And for 11 years he and his wife Sarah listened to naysayers telling them they were crazy to think they would have a baby…so he folded.

…Hagar was called, Ishmael was born and the drama in the household of Abraham reached an all time high.

Tack on another 13 years and God affirms His promise and calls for Abraham to put some serious skin in the game (pun intended).

Finally, when Abraham reaches the century mark and Sarah lands her 90th birthday…Isaac is born.

Isaac grows through childhood, and then God calls Abraham to offer him as a sacrifice.

Can you imagine?

What would people have said about him now?

His faith was incomprehensible.

Abraham was fearless, courageous and obedient to God…reminds me of a clip from the movie “Troy”:

I am afraid that the hope and faith exemplified by the life of Abraham is rarely practiced today… But it can be…and it should be! The faith and hope of Abraham is grounded in the sacrifice of Jesus.

Abraham looked forward to it….we look back at it….every Sunday.

I hope you can join us this Sunday at 10:45am. We will meet in “The Monarch Room” located at 1701 McGee, Kansas City, MO for one final week before our grand opening at our new location, 1717 McGee on March 22nd.

If your life needs some hope…you need to come :).

Announcement: We would be honored if you would help us to spread the word about New Life CityChurch and this is the perfect time. If you can navigate to this page: ( you can simply click and post.


This week has been packed with work, planning, organizing and packing for the move over to 1717 McGee.

Our new space is going to be INCREDIBLE!!!

But we are not quite there yet…we are in process.

Process can be painful.

Process means we are not settled…life is unpredictable…surprises are inevitable…and peace is not always accessible.

Ultimately, its just stuff…we are in a season and settling is just around the corner.

So while we are in process, I suggest that we embrace and enjoy our time. There will be time when we look back on these full days with a sort of longing for the raw excitement.

Similar to kids…when you are raising children life is full of surprises. There are days where it is constant activity from 6:30am-9:30pm with hardly a moment to rest in between. Leigh-Ann and I keep reminding each other that we must savor the time. Enjoy the chaos. Welcome the time in between.

Earlier I was going through my desk in preparation for our move tomorrow and came across a note from Alexa that says, “Dad, we love you! Thank-you for being the best dad ever! Love, The best kids in the world.


Several times today, I have looked at that note and been reminded of what matters most in life.

This Sunday, our service will be held at our new neighbors location, the Monarch Room event space ( We will have a nursery and childcare up through age five in the classrooms that have passed occupancy in our new location at 1717 McGee.

There is ample street parking available on each side of McGee street, in addition to a 40 space parking lot located at 1719 Oak Street.

Due to Daylight Savings time springing ahead, we are cancelling our 9:30am kids, youth and adult classes. We hope you will use the extra time to get to church a few minutes early and be situated in time for worship at 10:45am.

I am looking forward to hearing Pastor Dave preach a sermon from Romans 4:9-17. It’s going to be a great weekend, I sure hope you can be a part of the action.


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