Easter Sunday…

Easter 2016 Pic

This Sunday, we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. As a part of your personal preparation, I invite you to read some thoughts below…

A few thousand years ago, a certain leader called out a dozen friends and together they shared life. At times they grew weary of each other’s company, but most often they enjoyed life as a group. There were long days of walking from city to city, arriving late in the day with no plan for overnight accommodations. There were certain highlights that became forever etched in their memories.

One day they traveled several miles to be a part of a wedding celebration and their leader’s mom became desperate because they were running out of wine. A group of servants went to the well and filled the pots with water and then in an instant the water was transformed into wine. (John 2:1-11)

Another time the crew entered into the Synagogue on the Sabbath day and met a guy who had a withered hand. This leader healed him, even though it was against the Jewish law. (Matthew 12:9-14)

These guys lived during the time of the Roman occupation. The Roman soldiers were the private, tough guys…they were not into relationships or sharing their feelings. There was one time though when a Roman Centurion told these guys about a servant who had become paralyzed. The leader simply spoke and the servant was healed. (Matthew 8:5-13)

These miracles frustrated the Jewish leaders and they puzzled the Romans, but they inspired the average citizen.

The guys traveled and their leader taught them many things on the road. He spoke plainly at times and He spoke in parables at times. One thing was always true, his teaching was unmatched by any other teacher.

People started to congregate into groups of hundreds and even thousands.

One day several thousand gathered out on the hillside to hear the teachings of this leader. Everything was going great until people started to get hungry. There was no budget for food and even worse there was no plan to gather and distribute food. Within minutes everyone was fed and they were picking up leftovers.

ThereĀ  were many more miracles. There were lessons taught and lessons learned. Experiences became memories that forged relationships. There was suspense, laughter, anger, tears, hopes and dreams.

There were some intense moments with religious leaders…tempers flared…deals were made…and Jesus was betrayed…an illegal trial…a guilty verdict…a sentence to crucifixion…

Shouting was silenced as Jesus hung on the cross…everything grew dark…and then it was over.

Jesus accepted the sin of the whole world on Himself.

The Saturday sun rose and set…and then it happened…Early in the morning, on the first day of the week, Jesus rose from the dead!

Jesus has conquered sin and death and is alive forevermore.



This Sunday at New Life CityChurch we will celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. We would love for you to join us. If you have questions regarding the service, you may find some answers here.

Whether or not you celebrate with us at New Life, I hope you celebrate. The Resurrection is the greatest event in the history of the world.

He is Risen,


The Amazing Race and The Good Shepherd

Amazing Race

As a family, one of our favorite television shows is “The Amazing Race.” Typically we set up the DVR to record it and then when we get an evening at home, we gather in the living room and watch it together.

This is “big doings” for the Campbell family…we play out scenario’s and give our opinion on whether or not we could handle a certain challenge.

We also turn in to social critics, often pausing the show to explain why we like or don’t like a particular team. We have observed quite a bit:

  • When a team is “two-faced” they lose popularity with both sides
  • When a team’s focus changes from being their best to defeating a different team, they often lose
  • Internal fighting is lethal
  • Cutting corners usually results in a detour

Beyond the team dynamics, there is the race itself. There are clues that teams follow that end up taking them around the world. Some of the common roadblocks along the way are foreign languages, rough terrain, difficult challenges and of course the unpredictable taxi driver, poor weather and overall fatigue.

While on the Amazing Race the participants are expected to fend for themselves and cannot enlist the services of a guide. The lack of a guide makes for an interesting Reality TV Show, but for a miserable life.

Unfortunately, too many people are attempting to maneuver life and all of its uncertainties without a proper guide. As a result when difficulties such as health concerns or financial issues, relationship problems and questions about meaning or purpose in life come up, many people simply do not have a clue…(see what I did there? :)).

This Sunday, we continue our “I Am” Easter series with a close look at John 10:11-18 where Jesus makes the statement, “I am the Good Shepherd.” Jesus stakes a claim to being the best leader to navigate our unpredictable life. I look forward to sharing why Jesus is the greatest guide for life.

I hope to see you on Sunday,


Light for disappointing times…

This weekend, Kansas City plays host to the Big 12 basketball tournament. There are people all over downtown sporting their favorite game day gear, full of anticipation that their team will play well and win basketball games.
NCAA Basketball: Missouri vs. Baylor

Coming into this weekend, ten teams of players, coaches and fans are full of hope…dreaming about the possibility of winning the 2016 Big Twelve Basketball Tournament. And with that win, they have an even bigger hope of advancing into the final stages of the NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament.

At the end of this weekend…only one team will still be cheering…nine will be struggling with disappointment.

Unfortunately, disappointment doesn’t just happen after losing basketball games…there are many different circumstances that make us feel the pain that results from missed expectations.

Fortunately, we have been given a Guide that is especially good at walking us through these times in life.

This Sunday, we continue our Easter Series with a sermon from John 8:12. Jesus is the light of the world. He is literally (in my best Chris Traeger voice :)) the most superior guide for life.

So whether its a disappointing loss, a disappointing day at the office or even at home…Jesus is the light of the world and longs to be your guide.